The Office of State Examiner was created by Article 14, Section 15.1 of the 1921 Louisiana Constitution. It continues to operate under the authority of Sections 16 through 20 of Article X of the 1974 Louisiana Constitution which provides a civil service system for firefighters and police officers in municipalities having a population between 13,000 and 400,000, and all fire protection districts. Additionally, Act 282 of the 1964 Louisiana Legislature provides a civil service system for firefighters and police officers in municipalities of not less than 7,000 nor more than 13,000, and all parish fire departments and fire protection districts and charges the Office of State Examiner to assist these ‘small’ municipalities in the same manner as the constitutionally created systems. The duties and responsibilities of the agency are set out in Louisiana Revised Statutes 33:2471 et seq. and 33:2531 et seq. Among these responsibilities are advising the local fire and police civil service boards in the discharge of their duties; assisting in an advisory capacity the various appointing authorities, departmental officers and classified employees regarding duties and obligations imposed on them by civil service laws; maintaining rosters of employees; encouraging employee training; preparing classification plans; and developing, preparing and administering competitive and promotional tests.


The Office of State Examiner is committed to providing for the successful operation of the Municipal Fire and Police Civil Service at the local level; building on a foundation of integrity, while seeking to inspire the confidence and trust of local governing officials, civil service boards, and employees in a system based upon merit, efficiency, fitness, and length of service.


The mission of the Office of State Examiner, Municipal Fire and Police Civil Service, is to provide support and guidance to local jurisdictions who administer an effective, cost-efficient civil service system based on merit, efficiency, fitness, and length of service, consistent with the law and professional standards, for firefighters and police officers in the State, in order to provide a continuity in quality of law enforcement and fire protection for the citizens of the State in rural and urban areas. 


The citizens of Louisiana, and the dedicated firefighters and police officers who protect them, are entitled to a municipal fire and police civil service system founded on fairness and integrity and built on the concept of dedication and excellence of service.


Integrity – We believe an honest and ethical relationship with our stakeholders and each other is key to earning and maintaining their respect and our reputation.

Reliable – We understand the trust that our stakeholders have placed in our ability to be consistent, dependable and accurate when looking to us for information and advice.

Customer Focused – We are committed to meeting the needs of our stakeholders through maintaining excellent working relationships and providing services in a timely and accurate manner.

Innovation – We are dedicated to producing a product for our stakeholders through internal and external collaboration, based on our capability and technology which are sustainable and responsible to the taxpayers of Louisiana.

Accountability – We are responsible to each other as well as our stakeholders and take ownership in our work and our reputation as a reliable public service agency.