Legislative Session 2017

Senate Bills  Municipal Fire & Police Legislation







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Bill ID




SB8 PEACOCK RETIREMENT SYSTEMS:  Provides for correction of membership and enrollment errors in the state and statewide retirement systems. (6/30/17) Pending Senate Retirement
SB63 GATTI EMPLOYMENT:  Provides for the classification of certain types of cancer as an occupational disease or infirmity connected with the duties of a firefighter. (8/1/17) Pending Senate Labor and Industrial Relations
SB65 COLOMB FIRE PROTECTION:  Requires that at least one fire suppression employee in the rank of fire fighter or fighter/operator be assigned to and carried on each force during each shift. (gov sig)

Pending Senate Local and Municipal Affairs

LAW ENFORCEMENT:  Provides and clarifies the rights of law enforcement officers while under investigation. (gov sig)
Pending Senate Judiciary B
SB199 ERDEY PUBLIC PROPERTY:  Allows public entities to borrow public equipment from each other without compensation. (gov sig) Pending Senate Local and Municipal Affairs
SB222 ERDEY PUBLIC EMPLOYEES:  Provides benefits for firemen and law enforcement officers with permanent and total disability resulting from a catastrophic injury sustained in the line of duty. (gov sig) Pending Senate Judiciary B