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        Municipal Fire & Police Civil Service Law
ARTICLE X. Public Officials and Employees
PART II. Fire and Police Civil Service
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TITLE 33. Municipalities and Parishes
CHAPTER 5. Civil Service
Fire and Police Civil Service Law for
Small Municipalities and for Parishes
and Fire Protection Districts
R.S. 33:2531.
Mandatory civil service in certain municipalities,
parishes and districts
R.S. 33:2531.1. Continuation of coverage by Part
R.S. 33:2532. Short title
R.S. 33:2533. Definitions
R.S. 33:2534. Effective date of provisions
R.S. 33:2535. System of classified civil service
R.S. 33:2536. Fire and police civil service boards
R.S. 33:2536.1.
St. Landry Parish Fire District No. 3 Civil
Service Board; compensation of members
R.S. 33:2536.2. Jefferson Parish; board and board secretary
R.S. 33:2536.3. Compensation of members; certain municipalities
R.S. 33:2537. Duties of the board
R.S. 33:2538. Rules
R.S. 33:2539. State examiner and deputy state examiner
R.S. 33:2540. Appropriations; facilities for board
R.S. 33:2541. Classified and unclassified service
R.S. 33:2541.1. Deputy chief of police; competitive appointment
R.S. 33:2541.2. Chief of administration of fire department; competitive appointment
R.S. 33:2541.3. Police chief; city of Covington; unclassified service
R.S. 33:2541.4. Parishwide Fire Protection District No. 1 of the Parish of Tensas; fire chief and assistant fire chief; unclassified service
R.S. 33:2541.5. Winn Parish Fire Protection District; fire chief and assistant fire chief; unclassified service
R.S. 33:2542.
Right of employee who entered armed forces to be
R.S. 33:2543. Classification plan
R.S. 33:2544. Allocation of positions to classes
R.S. 33:2545. Use of class titles
R.S. 33:2546. Status of incumbent of position when allocated
R.S. 33:2547. Methods of filling vacancies
R.S. 33:2548. Demotion
R.S. 33:2549. Transfer
R.S. 33:2550.  Reinstatement and reemployment
R.S. 33:2551 Establishment and maintenance of employment lists
R.S. 33:2551.1. Promotional employment lists; limitations
R.S. 33:2552. Tests
R.S. 33:2553. Admission to tests
R.S. 33:2554. Certification and appointment
R.S. 33:2555. Working tests
R.S. 33:2555.1 Recruit and recruit period
R.S. 33:2555.2 Recruit and recruit period; Fire Protection District No. 2 of Ward of Calcasieu Parish
R.S. 33:2556. Temporary appointments
R.S. 33:2557. Leaves of absence
R.S. 33:2558. Abolition of positions in the classified service
R.S. 33:2559. Lay-offs
R.S. 33:2560.
Corrective and disciplinary action for
maintaining standards of service
R.S. 33:2561. Appeals by employees to the board
R.S. 33:2562.
Oath, testimony, production of records; refusal to
R.S. 33:2563. Duties of officers and employees
R.S. 33:2564. Political activities prohibited
R.S. 33:2565. Other prohibited acts
R.S. 33:2566. Legal services
R.S. 33:2567. Penalties
R.S. 33:2568. Effect of other laws
R.S. 33:2569. Assistant police chief; certain municipalities
R.S. 33:2570. City of Harahan; assistant chief of police
R.S. 33:2571. Assistant chief of police in certain municipalities
R.S. 33:2572. Assistant chief of police in the city of Plaquemine

TITLE 33. Municipalities and Parishes
CHAPTER 5. Civil Service


Miscellaneous Provisions
R.S. 33:2586. Fire and police civil service; incentive pay
R.S. 33:2589. Additional compensation for work on holidays; firemen and policemen
R.S. 33:2591 System of classified service

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